BA’s Best: Negroni

BA’s Best: Negroni

The negroni has slowly begun to replace a spot in my life that was previously occupied by a cocktail known as the sidecar. I have not consciously been trying to make this happen; it has trickled in in such gradual increments that I have not noticed my previously favourite cocktail (that’s right – previously) slowly being phased out. The negroni is sneaky in that way. It lures you in all bittersweet and citrus-scented. Then BAM, you’ve had 3 and now you’re SO DRUNK. Obscenely drunk. How did it happen? That sneaky negroni.

BA’s Best: Negroni

Taken directly from BA’s Best arsenal

Serves 2


3 oz gin
2 oz sweet red vermouth (such as Martini Rosso)
1 ½ oz Campari
Large ice cubes, to serve (optional)
1 orange


Fill a large glass (or cup of a shaker) with regular ice cubes and pour in gin, vermouth, and Campari. Stir for 30 seconds, until very cold. Strain the drink into 2 rocks glasses, each with a large ice cube in it. Use a small knife to peel 2 1-inch strips of zest from the orange. Squeeze one of the orange peel strips over a drink, wringing the peel out like a cloth, so that the oils from the zest drip into the negroni. You can also run the peel over the surface of the drink and ice cube – you should see a faint slick of citrus oil lingering over the liquid. Repeat with the remaining peel and cocktail. Slice the orange in half both ways and slice 2 half-wheels. Cut a small slit in each half-moon and garnish the negronis. Happy Wednesday.