Some Like It Salty
Some Like It Salty
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You’ve stumbled upon the place where I indulge my need to fixate on food even more than I already do. Welcome! Follow me as I strive to master these 101 dishes deemed essential for becoming an accomplished home chef.

The idea behind this undertaking came while I was in Thailand, lapping up the last few weeks of a multi-month trip through Asia. I had a feeling that coming back from the trip would leave me yearning to throw myself into a project in order to avoid existing in a constant state of trip nostalgia. When I spotted Bon Appetit’s article entitled “BA Best: The 101 Recipes Every Home Cook Should Master”, I knew I’d found something I could really sink my teeth into. What started as a potential Instagram-worthy challenge eventually snowballed into the idea for the blog, and – after much wavering and procrastinating – Some Like It Salty was born.

How This Works:

Every week I will pick 1 – 2 dishes to make and test the Bon Appetit “Best” recipe for that dish alongside my own favourite recipe(s)for those items. These are all dishes that could be considered classics and/or basics in the kitchen. Sometimes I’ll test a couple of my favourite variations of that food against the BA version and give notes around which one you might prefer based on what you look for in that particular dish. Do you prefer pancakes that are pillowy and light or richer and cakier? Do you like your hummus chunky or smooth? Does your ultimate chicken pot pie have a pie crust or biscuit topping? Whichever it is, I’ve got you covered with recipes that tackle the same dish, but with significant tweaking between variants. Follow me as I go from the perfect chocolate cake to the quintessential French onion soup. From the best lasagna to the most classic vanilla ice cream.

About Me:

I’ve been honing my home cooking skills since I was old enough to use the stove. I grew up obsessed with food and continue to devote a significant amount of my waking time thinking about the age-old question: “what do I want to eat?”.  I can work my way through a Costco-sized jar of mayonnaise in under 30 days, no problem. I love putting the “fry” in Friday. I am required by law to order a brownie hot fudge sundae if it exists on a menu at the establishment I am eating at. I eat most of my meals sitting beside my love-of-life, Sean, while being relentlessly stared down by a scruffy little dingus named Pretzel.

- Maciel