#7: Vanilla Ice Cream

#7: Vanilla Ice Cream

I am always down to eat some ice cream.

Ice cream is how I make sense of the world. When I travel, one of the things I look forward to is eating unlimited amounts of ice cream. So you can imagine how terrible it’s been, having all of these ice cream leftovers in the house; demanding to be eaten quickly so as to ‘clear up freezer space’. By the way, in case you’re wondering, they ALL taste really good when eaten out of a salad bowl at 1:00 am

Are you wanting to do this right and fully throw yourself into this dairy bomb of a dish? Try here for Double Vanilla Ice Cream (w. Mexican hot chocolate affogato).

Looking for a classic vanilla that would be welcome arm candy for any summer pies or crisps? Try here for BA’s Best: Vanilla Ice Cream.

No ice cream maker AND not into the idea of some heavy-duty dairy immersion? Try here for Vanilla (Coconut) Ice Cream.