#17: Veggie Burgers

#17: Veggie Burgers

When I was thinking about how to approach veggie burgers, I decided that I would… a) provide just as many recipes as I had a few weeks ago when I made beef burgers, b) underestimate how goddamn hot it is outside and how much sweat one will inevitably produce working in the kitchen during these times, and c) not fall into the trope of equating vegetarian food with wellness. Not because there aren’t plenty of reasons why eating less meat is good for our bodies and our planet in many ways, but because vegetarianism deserves its place in the gluttonous comfort food realm as well. Vegetarians like eating trash as much as the rest of us. Except for the smug ones who don’t. Shun these ones.

There are so many hard choices to make when it comes to selecting your perfect veggie burger. Ask yourself what kind of burger experience you want this to be. A trashy one that allows for such foibles as American cheese? A saucy AF one that leaves you grinning blissfully and messy-faced afterwards? A Latin-inspired one that hits all the right notes of acidity, creaminess, and heat? Choose your own adventure with the safety of knowing that each path will inevitably lead you to a mind-blowing burger moment.

You’ve chosen to go for a fast-food style burger made of shiitake mushrooms, cashews, and barley.

You’ve chosen to go for a sauce-laden, falafel-style burger made of deeply roasted cauliflower, chickpeas, and quinoa.

You’ve chosen to go for a colourful array of flavours and textures with a torta burger made of black beans and pumpkin seeds.