#12: Pulled Pork

#12: Pulled Pork

The season of barbecuing is upon us, with all of its testosterone-laden propaganda! And while none of these recipes technically makes use of a barbecue, pulled pork is one of those recipes that still seems to absolutely ooze barbecue-y bro-ness.

Until now.

Each of these recipes yields a sumptuous version of pulled pork without requiring you to do terrifying things like LIGHTING A BARBECUE (surely I’m not the only one with an irrational fear of unwarranted explosions?!). Have you a smoker, a pressure cooker, or a stove?? Than you too can be the recipient of a delicious pulled pork rendition without needlessly risking your eyebrows in a freak BBQ incident. You are also not required to use such hideous language as “manning the grill”, nor will anyone expect you to stand guard over flames while sipping mediocre beer and discussing such undesirable topics as sports. Now that’s my idea of “BBQ” season.

Are you so dedicated to the pursuit of meat that you own a smoker? Right this way!

Are you such a brave soul that you have bought AND felt competent enough to use a pressure cooker? Right this way!

Are you a normal person who only owns a stove but loves the idea of pulled pork as much as the next woman? Right this way!